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Day 120

Busy day today, didn’t even have time for a wee nap, haha.  Dropped Rick off at work this morning.  Came home and started working on Lions stuff almost right away.  Quick bite to eat, then worked on emails for setting up zone meetings and joint zone meetings.  Did a webinar that LCI was putting off this morning.

After the webinar, it was back to waiting for replies, and more email.  Along with working a little bit on GMT stuff, seeing if there were anymore new members for this month.

Then it was to head off to Walmart to pick up a few things that we needed.  Then off to pick up Rick at work.  Forgot that his end time was a half hour later, so headed off to Staples to pick up a couple of things.  Then picked him up and we headed towards home.

Got home, was going to make sandwiches for both of us, but friends started messaging right away through facebook and had a few emails to answer, so we had to make our own sandwiches, sorry hun.

Now just vegging a little bit before going to bed.

All in all a good day.

Day 119

Pretty good day again today.  Pain in shoulder seems to be lessening a little more each day.  Trying not to push it too much though.  Drove Rick to work.  Came home.  Took a wee nap, then started working on some Lions stuff.

Worked on GMT stuff through the early afternoon, getting the New Member Challenge envelopes ready to go for the new members for the month of April.  Have a fair number again for this month.  Only takes a couple of hours in total to do the folding and such, so its not so bad.  Then did some work on getting Zone Chair information together for when my year starts on July 1st.  Looking forward to this challenge.  And I truly believe that I am up to the challenge.

Then off to pick up Rick from work.  Home for about an hour, then off to a committee meeting for the Purina Walk for Dog Guides that will be held in Ajax on May 24th.  Here is the link to the page:

Come out and support the Purina Walk For Dog Guides in Ajax, Sunday, May 24, 2015


Then it was home to play on the computer for a bit before heading to bed which will be fairly soon.  All in all a pretty good day.

Day 118

Pretty good day today.  Dropped Rick off at work, came home and puttered around.  Went through emails. Did some work on some getting ready for my Zone Chairperson position.  Checking meeting nights of the different clubs in the zone I will be taking care of.  Checking dates for possible zone and joint zone meeting.  Think it is going to be a fun year for me coming up.  I know I will be nervous in the beginning, but I know that everything will fall into place for me.  Have a great team that I will be working with.

Headed into Walmart to pick up some drinks for the two of us. Then headed up to pick up Rick after he got off work.

Then this evening went to small group.  Enjoy getting together with these wonderful ladies on Tuesday evenings.

All in all a pretty goo day.

Day 117

Quiet day today.  Didn’t do very much.  Puttered around the apartment while Rick was at work.  Left to go pick him  up, checked the mail on the way along, as I was waiting for some Lions stuff to come in the mail.  Finally some of it is here.  Still waiting on 2 more things to arrive.  I’m sure they will be here before I need them to be here.  I’m just a worry-wort about these things.

Came home, Rick cooked up some grub.  Then it was time to spend some time on the computers, and getting some stuff ready for year-end awards night.  I know its early, but I like to be on top of these things.

Well, now its time to head to bed, as shoulder is still paining.  Sleep well all my friends.

Day 116

Today was a pretty good day, even if it was an early rise to go out of town.  Rick and I made our way early this morning up to the Pinestone Resort in Haliburton for the last day of the convention.  We went there for the business meeting part.  The memorial service was also part of this meeting.  The memorial service is always a touching part of the weekend.  There was then a break for lunch.

Back to the remainder of the business meeting after lunch.  Some awards and presentations.  I also got to make a presentation of one of the New Member Challenge Award pins.  Then it was on to the incoming District Governor presenting her cabinet.  This year, I am part of that cabinet, as the Zone Chairperson of Zone 18 East. Looking forward to a new challenge in my Lions career.  Then the convention ended.  All said their goodbyes and it was off to heading home.

All in all a good day, and hoping to go to bed early,  been a long, and busy couple of days.

Day 115

Pretty good day today.  Slept in a wee bit.  Got up and got ready to head out to Port Hope to watch some friends play in a tournament.  Wind was pretty chilly.  We were going to stay to watch 2 games, only ended up staying to watch one game.  Too cold to stay any longer than that.

Came home from the games, and took a couple of gravol again, and we then decided to take a nap.  I must have been quite tired, as it didn’t take long to fall asleep at all.  Still had some shoulder pain though.

Got up from nap, still in some amount of pain.  Now waiting on wonderful hubby to finish cooking some noodles and ground beef for us.

Planning on trying to get into bed pretty early, if possible.  Have an early morning tomorrow to head up to Haliburton.

All in all a pretty good day.

Day 114

Early rise this morning to go to a specialist appointment to see about my shoulder.  Apparently I have what is called Frozen Shoulder.  Got a cortisone shot in the back part of my shoulder.Considering the size of the needle, it didn’t hurt at all going in, cause I thought that it really would.  The doctor moved the shoulder around a bit to show us come exercises do do with it.

We then ran around doing a few things to get ready to go out of town for Sunday.  Checking the mail, going to Walmart, and stopping by the library to get a couple of books I had on hold.

Came home, laid down for a while to see if I could get some rest, as by that time the freezing was beginning to wear off and the pain was setting in.  Was able to sleep for a short while but not long at all.

Played around on the computers for a bit, doing Lions stuff and other stuff.  Then it was time to head off to bed to get some rest to go watch some ball on Saturday.  Took a couple of gravol to try to get some sleep, hoping to get some rest, hoping they knock me out.

Day 113

Good day once again.  Did a couple of errands.  Went to Walmart to pick up some stuff before heading in to get Rick.  Had our Photography Club meeting, but had to run home first.  Stopped to pick up a bite to eat along the way.

Group meeting went well.  Topic was wedding photography.  Will finish the topic next month.

Came home.  Vegged on the computers for a while, stayed up a little late, as Rick will be off work on Friday, and headed off to bed.

All in all a pretty good day.

Day 112

Good day.  Didn’t do too much.  Vegged at home mostly.

Went in to pick Rick up at work, dropped into the house to grab our stuff for our Lions meeting, headed down to the meeting.  Meeting seemed to go well.

Not much else happened.  Came home vegged on the computers for a bit and headed off to bed.