Day 115

Pretty good day today.  Slept in a wee bit.  Got up and got ready to head out to Port Hope to watch some friends play in a tournament.  Wind was pretty chilly.  We were going to stay to watch 2 games, only ended up staying to watch one game.  Too cold to stay any longer than that.

Came home from the games, and took a couple of gravol again, and we then decided to take a nap.  I must have been quite tired, as it didn’t take long to fall asleep at all.  Still had some shoulder pain though.

Got up from nap, still in some amount of pain.  Now waiting on wonderful hubby to finish cooking some noodles and ground beef for us.

Planning on trying to get into bed pretty early, if possible.  Have an early morning tomorrow to head up to Haliburton.

All in all a pretty good day.


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