Day 114

Early rise this morning to go to a specialist appointment to see about my shoulder.  Apparently I have what is called Frozen Shoulder.  Got a cortisone shot in the back part of my shoulder.Considering the size of the needle, it didn’t hurt at all going in, cause I thought that it really would.  The doctor moved the shoulder around a bit to show us come exercises do do with it.

We then ran around doing a few things to get ready to go out of town for Sunday.  Checking the mail, going to Walmart, and stopping by the library to get a couple of books I had on hold.

Came home, laid down for a while to see if I could get some rest, as by that time the freezing was beginning to wear off and the pain was setting in.  Was able to sleep for a short while but not long at all.

Played around on the computers for a bit, doing Lions stuff and other stuff.  Then it was time to head off to bed to get some rest to go watch some ball on Saturday.  Took a couple of gravol to try to get some sleep, hoping to get some rest, hoping they knock me out.


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