Day 101

Early rise this morning, but for a good reason.  Rick and I went to a day of training for Lionism.  Training was called “CEP or Club Excellence Process”.  We were doing the basics of learning to be facilitators for this program.  Very interesting program.  Think before I would want to facilitate a program like this, I would want to go through the training at least a couple more times.  But think it would be something that is doable.  Just need to get the confidence level up a little higher, and get a bit better at public speaking.

This of course will come in time, starting next year once I become Zone Chairperson.  Which I am also looking forward too.  Being president this year has given me more confidence, and I have also been learning more about writing speeches and such.  I am kinda proud of myself.

So, all in all, today was a very good day.

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