Day 100

Not a bad day today.  Got a couple of errands done.  Did a tiny bit of shopping, then went to pick up hubby.  Got there a bit early so just played some mahjong while waiting for him to come out from work.

Headed home.  And once again hubby cooked supper.  Simple on this evening.  popcorn chicken and fries.  After this was all done, I listened to my webinar put off by the Lions Club called “You’ve Been A Club President, What’s Next”.  Quite and interesting presentation.  Rick was doing some website work once again.

He is still working away on the website stuff, and I am typing out some notes from some recent online Zone Chairperson training that I completed, as well as, getting some things together for going to CEP (Club Excellence Process) training that Rick and I will be attending tomorrow, put off by the District GLT team.  Looking forward to it.  Should be a great learning experience.

Soon off to bed for an early rise to head to the training.

All in all a really good day.


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