Day 92

Well today was another pretty good day.  Met with the minister of a local church to pick up some glasses for our Lions Recycling Program Did a few errands. Picked up some stuff that we needed. Went to Staples to get some copying done that I needed to get done.

Decided to take a bit of a drive.  Went to the ABC (Adventist Book Centre) to pick up some vegetarian food, as a little treat for myself.

Came home, vegged at the computer for a bit.  Then decided wanted a nap.  When we got up from that, wonderful husband made a pizza for us.  We both cut up the stuff for the pizzas and he did the cooking.  Pizza was delicious.  He did an awesome job as usual.

Puttered around on the internet for a bit.  Did a bit of sewing on my burp cloths to close the hole for turning them outside right (not sure if that’s the correct term). Now heading off to bed as we will be going to the Good Friday service at church.

Sleep well my friends.


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