Day 89

Rick is off on holidays this week, so we slept in this morning, which was quite nice.  Puttered around the apartment doing a couple of things.  I then decided that I wanted to do some cutting out of some burp pads for gifts, just have to sew them now when I get a chance.

Well, Rick and I went to Minden this evening for a District Member Orientation meeting. When we left it was around 930, and it was snowing. We got out to, I believe it was, Highway 121, which was just at the start of our journey back to Pickering, and what should come out in front of us, but a Deer. I handled the situation beautifully, didn’t freak out at all. Took a few minutes to calm down, but of course, glad we didn’t hit the deer. Otherwise it was an uneventful rest of a drive home. Glad i had Rick with me though to keep me calm. Was also nice seeing some of our fellow Lions this evening.

So other than our bit of excitement this evening, had a pretty well uneventful day.

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