Day 82

Today was a pretty good day.  Didn’t do a whole lot really.  But I still think it was a good day.

Looked over my speech again for Wednesday evening.  Still a tad nervous, but I know I will get through it alright.  Will have a group of fellow club member there to cheer me on, which also make a me a little nervous.  But hubby will be there to keep me calm as well.

A while back I put up a picture of a tea towel that I recently made and said that I would say how it was for drying later.  Guess I forgot to say how it worked out.  Well a friend asked me about it on Sunday.  Told her that it works amazingly.  I love the new tea towels that I made.  Will probably get some of the other colours they had to make some more. They had available red, yellow, blue, teal, and I think purple.

Time to rest for a bit, go feed the birds their seed and millet before bed.

Looking forward to a good day tomorrow.


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