Day 80

Quiet day today.  Didn’t do much at all.  Slept in a bit.  Well a little later than usual.  Looked through the papers I found last night, but didn’t do much with them.

Went out to pick up a couple of things at Walmart.  Came home and rested.  Rick cooked some potatoes for us  Had them for lunch.  Played on computer for a bit.  Then we decided to take a nap.

Felt well rested from the nap.  Cleaned up the feathers and seed shucks from around the 2 birds cages while Rick refilled the water containers for the 2 cages, gave them seed and millet.

Then looked for some material that i had been searching for for a few days now.  Finally found it, now to decide which of the two of them to use for my project they were meant for, a window covering for the window in the door.

Time to head off to bed soon.


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