Day 73

Nice lazy day today.  Didn’t really do anything, didn’t go anywhere.  Just stayed home and vegged.  Cleaned up some feathers and seed shucks from around the two birds cages.  Rick worked on the dishes, and then cooked some pasta for us.  He is amazing as usual.

Nice day also for a nap, so that’s what we did.  Had more pasta for supper.  Still good cold.

Did some sewing as well.  Made some more burp pads, guess they are back-ups for if someone we know has a baby.  I find that going in and working on the sewing machine calms me down if I’m stressed out a bit or just want a change of pace.

Rick was trying to figure out what to do for his picture of the day, so he went into our craft room to find something for his picture of the day.  He sat on the chair in there and noticed how noisy it was when he tried turning on it, and proceeded to fix the issue.  Now it does not make a sound at all, and he was also able to raise it up as I felt like I was pretty well sitting on the floor most of the time.

All in all a good day once again.


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