Day 66

Well, we got to sleep in this morning, which was nice.  Rick slept a little longer than I did.  Puttered around the house for a bit.  We then got ready and headed out for a while.  First stop was at Fabricland, 50% off alot of items in the store, even some stuff that was already reduced. And they also had 50% off regular priced materials with one cut.  So got two different materials of the regular priced stuff. One of them was tea towel material.  Have enough material for three tea towels.  Have already made one towel from the material, which will be shown below.  Want to see how good of a drying towel it is before making the other two.

Was nice being able to go in and do a bit of sewing, been a while since I was in at my sewing machine.

And I am now about to start my zone chair online training. Trying to get it done as soon as possible.20150307-_PIC7796

I think the tea towel turned out pretty good for a first try.  Tell me what ya think.


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