Day 65

Today was an interesting day.  Went up to the van this morning to get it started while waiting on Rick to come up.  He was going to be bringing up the garbage with him when he came up as today was garbage day.

It seemed to be taking longer than usual for him to come up, then I finally saw him coming towards the van, but saw him hobbling as he was coming.  Opened the window on the van to see why he had such a look of pain on his face and come to find out that he missed a step down by the gate, and he fell and hurt his knee kinda bad.

Got him into work and watched him slowly make his way up the steps, slowly.  And then off to home to do some stuff.

Did a bit of shopping at Walmart for a couple of things we needed.  Picked Rick up and then headed towards home.

Just finished watching a few episodes of Downton Abbey, now heading off to bed in a few minutes.

All in all a good day.

Gonna try and do my Zone Chair training tomorrow.

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