2013 Mike Crump Memorial / Heart and Stroke Tournament – Kirkey Fields Pickering

Rick was asked by our friend, and fellow photographer Andy White, of AW Creations to assist with taking pictures of the tournament over the weekend.

He gratefully accepted, but advised we are only available on Saturday.

Games are taking place between 4 fields throughout Whitby and Pickering (mostly in Whitby).

Play was set to start at 9am, but due to a wet pitcher’s mound in Pickering play did not commence until 1030am.

Play is going along fairly swiftly and is quite interesting.

Teams seem to be well matched up.

One game completed, and second game is in play.

Three games now completed.

One more to go for us then we are heading home.

Been a long day, been here since 8:30 this morning.

Been a fun day, but think we both have a bit of a sunburn.

Don’t know any of the scores.  But that’s fine.  Fun watching anyways.

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